Lescosure Facebook 2We are a Johannesburg based PROPERTY Maintenance & Renovations company, owner run and we pride ourselves on the work that we do as we realise that word of mouth is the best advertisement that we can get. We offer various services to our clients. These services include the following:


We will assist with the design and structural drawings of any extension or alteration that requires such. We will also submit the plans for approval.


We will provide the client with an estimate of all work that needs to be done and will discuss it in detail.


We provide a consulting service prior to us doing the estimation of the project costs with the client. We will discuss and consult during the meeting when we discuss the estimation with the client.


Once we know what the budget for a specified project is we will assist the client to achieve his dream at the quality that will be acceptable to the client. It is our motto that we will deliver exactly what the client has agreed to.

We also do General PROPERTY MAINTENANCE projects for clients. For a full list of services please see our SERVICES page.


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